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Serving Out of LOVE, Inc. was created with genuine love. As most of you have experienced, a pandemic was amongst us and the most vulnerable individuals have suffered. We took the initiative to gather friends and family to organize a charity cook out on July 4th, 2020. With 32 volunteers and 6 sponsors we were able to feed 175 homeless individuals at our first event.

Serving out of LOVE provides opportunities for volunteers and sponsors to be directly involved in helping our community. We partner with compatible non-profit o rganizations to deliver essential services that will help acquire basic needs. 

Our goal is to help create a better future with love, hope, and guidance. Currently, we have over 300 volunteers, 200 sponsors, and are fortunate to have fed more than 2975 homeless individuals in 12+ events. We have provided hot meals, clothes, and a medical unit to care for our homeless men, women and children on the street of Orlando, Florida. 

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